Cite: Shenhav, A Structural Analysis of Political Discourse


Shenhav, Shaul R. "Concise Narratives: A Structural Analysis of Political Discourse." Discourse Studies 7,3 (2005): 315-335.


Abstract: The article suggests a new framework for the structural analysis of political narratives using the concept of ‘concise narrative’. These are segments of a speech that contain its entire temporal range in a few paragraphs. Based on the analysis of Israeli ministerial discourse during the early years of the state, the article argues that these ‘concise narratives’ can shed light on the infrastructure of political narratives. A study of ‘concise narratives’ can also illuminate how political values, identities and ideologies are combined with day-to-day politics while being transferred from the speaker to his audience. The epilogue examines the intertextual relations between different political narratives, focusing on the transition of ‘concise narratives’ from the early days of Israeli politics to contemporary political discourse.




Keywords: ideologies • Israel • narrative • political discourse • politics • structural analysis, שאול שנהב

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