Cite: Cohen, Migration Patterns to and from Israel


Cohen, Yinon. "Migration Patterns to and from Israel." Contemporary Jewry 29,2 (2009): 115-125.


Abstract:  Israel’s migration patterns have been conducive in several ways to the demographic success of Zionism and Israel since 1947. In addition to the decisive success with respect to the growth in the number of Jews in Israel, their proportion in the Israeli population, and the proportion of world Jewry residing in Israel, following the 1967 war Israel attracted immigrants of higher educational level than those arriving during the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, Israel has been successful in keeping emigration rates of Jews relatively low during most years, including the last decade. Moreover, the rate of return migration among Israeli-born Jewish emigrants has been relatively high and the returnees highly educated compared to non-returning emigrants. Finally, it seems that Israel has been quite successful in integrating into Israeli society non-Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Republics. However, this cannot be said about the non-Jewish labor migrants who arrived in Israel since the early 1990.




Keywords:  Aliyah / Immigration to Israel, Emigration from Israel, Israel: Society, Russian Immigrants, Labor Migrants / Ovdim Zarim,  Immigrants’ skills, ינון כהן

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