Dissertation: Florette Cohen, The New Anti-Semitism Israel Model

Cohen, Florette.  The New Anti-Semitism Israel Model: Empirical Tests. Ph.D. dissertation. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick. 2008.

***** Abstract (Summary) *****

Anti-Semitism is resurgent throughout much of the world. A new theoretical model of anti-Semitism is presented and tested in three experiments. The New Anti-Semitism Israel (NASI) model proposes that mortality salience increases anti-Semitism and that anti-Semitism often manifests as hostility towards Israel. Study 1 showed that mortality salience led to greater levels of anti-Semitism and higher levels of delegitimization toward Israel. This effect occurred only in a bogus pipeline condition for anti-Semitism, indicating that social desirability masks hostility towards Jews, but not for delegitimization toward Israel. Study 2 showed that mortality salience in conjunction with a bogus pipeline manipulation increased perceived justification for offensive political cartoons of Israel but not China. In Study 3 mortality salience was sufficient to increase anti-Semitism when the anti-Semitism scale was integrated in a general assessment questionnaire. Collectively, results suggest that Jews constitute a unique cultural threat to many people’s worldviews, and that anti-Semitism and hostility to Israel are related.

***** Indexing (document details) *****

Advisor:           Jussim, Lee

School:            Rutgers The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick

Department:        Psychology, General

School Location:   United States — New Jersey

Keyword(s):        Anti-Semitism, Prejudice, Israel, Mortality salience, Modern

                   prejudice, Terror management theory, New Anti-Semitism


Source:            DAI-B 69/10, Apr 2009

Source type:       Dissertation

Subjects:          Social psychology

Publication        AAT 3335523


ISBN:              9780549889588

Keywords: Israel-Palestinian Conflict; Florette Cohen, Antisemitism, Anti-Israel, Israel in the Media

[Thanks to John Erlen, University of Pittsburgh for info]

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