Cite: The Theatrical Ammunition of the 1967 War


Yerushalmi, Dorit. "The Theatrical Ammunition of the 1967 War." Journal of Israeli History 28,2 (2009): 195-212.


This article discusses the effects of the Six Day War on plays performed in the 1967/68 and 1968/69 theater seasons, in an attempt to demonstrate the great variety of the plays produced and their direct and indirect links to the cultural narrative. Israeli theater exploited the cultural ammunition furnished by the war, thereby demonstrating its own relevance and active participation in the battle waged by the state. At the same time, however, it exposed its limitations as a critical medium: whether the shows reacted to the war explicitly or implicitly, most of them avoided the issues of the occupation, bereavement, and loss.


Keywords: Israeli theater; Six Day War; Casablan; Ha-Gashash ha-Hiver; Hanoch Levin; musicals; satirical cabaret; political theater, דורית ירושלמי


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