Cite: The 1967 War in Israeli Children’s Magazines


Sheffi, Na’ama. "Shifting Boundaries: The 1967 War in Israeli Children’s Magazines." Journal of Israeli History 28,2 (2009): 137-154.


This article examines Israeli children’s magazines that were published in the weeks preceding and following the 1967 war in order to show the ways in which the war and its consequences were presented to the children. As common in times of war, the magazines’ editors aimed to mobilize their readers to the national effort, establishing role models such as children living in settlements near the battlefront. Alongside the national jubilation that followed the war, children were exposed to the complex issues it had engendered: the hundreds of fatalities on the Israeli side and the condition of the refugees on the Palestinian side. Nevertheless, the meanings of the change in Israel’s borders were not explained to the young readers.


Keywords: 1967 war; Israeli children’s magazines; Davar il-Yeladim; Mishmar li-Yeladim; Ha’aretz Shelanu; territorial borders; ethnic boundaries; redemption; occupation; liberation, נעמה שפי


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