Cite: The changing Narrative of the Division of Steel Memorial


Meiri-Dann, Naomi and Shmuel Meiri. "Between Victory and Destruction: The Changing Narrative of the Division of Steel Memorial." Journal of Israeli History 28,2 (2009): 213-230.


The monument to the 180 Division of Steel soldiers who fell in the Sinai Peninsula during the Six Day War was erected on the outskirts of the young city of Yamit ten years after that war. This article shows how the changing narratives of this monument reflect the events that Israel, and especially this area, have experienced during the last thirty years. Although located on the site of a Six Day War battlefield, this monument, from the outset, became associated with Yamit. In April 1982 the memorial was the last stronghold of the opponents to Israel’s evacuation of Sinai according to the peace treaty with Egypt. Demolished shortly after the evacuation, the ruins of the memorial turned into an icon of the end of the Jewish settlements in Sinai. Shortly afterwards, a replica of the monument was erected within Israel, in the western Negev. The new monument, along with the remains of demolished houses from Yamit that were placed nearby, constitutes a complex memorial to the evacuated settlements, while the Six Day War remains as a dim background memory.

Keywords: Six Day War; war memorials; Sinai; Yamit; collective memory; pilgrimage, נעמי מאירי-דן, שמאול מאירי


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